Terms of Service

The lease is concluded with Kolesnikov and Korotianskiy GbR, following landlord and limited in days. The rental agreement is only concluded with the confirmation of the booking by the landlord. With the booking the tenant acknowledges our general terms and conditions as binding.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to amend or otherwise update these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Contract conclusion:

The booking order is made by e-mail or by telephone. With the receipt of the booking confirmation from the landlord, the booking becomes legally binding. The tenant is responsible for all passengers. Landlord reserves the right to refuse requests without giving reasons.
Please note that original photos are on the website. The furnishing can easily deviate, as in the course of time furniture must be exchanged, but are the same from equipment and location.
The landlord reserves the right to assign apartments independently of reservation.


With the booking confirmation the tenant receives information about the payment of the rent. Before the journey begins the complete payment to make.

In the case of short-term or long-term bookings, individual arrangements with regard to the down payment are possible. These must in any case be done in writing. If no arrangements are made, the full booking price must be paid in full. For bookings longer than 60 days prior to travel, there is the possibility to make a deposit of 30%. The remainder is due 30 days before the travel date. If no time has been registered after this period, the tenant will automatically prove that the money has already been lost within the agreed period.
Payment of the entire rental price must always be made in advance. Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. The tenant receives a receipt or an invoice through the payment made.

Non-Refundable Rate:

In principle, all bookings are binding. The payments made can not be refunded, whether for important reasons or in case of cancellation or non-arrival.

Purpose alienation:

Any misuse of the apartment of any kind (festivities, parties, loud existence, presseevents and similar) are forbidden without the consent of the landlord and will be punished with a contractual penalty of at least 5000.00 EUR and charged to the tenant. As a result of the breach, the tenant will immediately interrupt his stay and must immediately seek accommodation elsewhere. Even if the administrative offense was reported and committed at night or on any other day or night.

Cancellation conditions:

Changes can be made, if possible, only by altering the rental agreement. Any changes must be made in time and in writing.

All cancellations will be charged with 100% of the agreed rental price
Non-arrivals are charged 100% of the agreed rental price

The tenant has the right to hire a sub-tenant who takes the contractual obligations in his place. However, the landlord reserves the right to refuse these without giving reasons. Should the tenant leave before the agreed rental period – the landlord is entitled to the full rental price for reasons beyond the control of the landlord.

Rental period:

The rental period is defined in the rental agreement. Arrivals on the day of arrival are from 15:00. The rental period ends at 11:00 on the day of departure. Services and prices: The scope of the contractual services is determined by the terms of the contract. The rental property may only be inhabited by the number stated in the booking confirmation. Children are regarded as persons.

Obligations of the tenant:

The tenant undertakes to treat the apartment and the rooms intended for common use, together with facilities and technical installations, with utmost care, as well as to comply with the house rules. Any damage caused by the tenant or by accompanying persons must be reported and replaced without delay. Smoking is not allowed in the apartments, in the house or in the lifts. If there is a balcony in the apartment, you can smell it. Pets are allowed only on request. The landlord reserves the right to refuse the request.
When the apartment is abandoned, the tenant must ensure that all windows and doors are tightly closed.
The landlord is not liable for damages resulting from burglary or theft on the property of the tenant. The apartment is to be handed over to the landlord on the day of departure. The landlord is not liable for forgotten objects left by the guest in the apartment.


A deposit of EUR 100.00 is required for the apartment keys, which is refunded or returned on or after departure after key transfer. If a key has been lost, the deposit will be forfeited with this replacement.


If any deficiencies are detected during the stay in the apartment, they must be reported immediately to the landlord. Cancellation of the rental agreement is possible if the use of force majeure such as natural catastrophes, fire, etc. is made considerably more difficult or at risk. The rental fee paid for the remaining term of the lease will be refunded in this case. Any further claims are excluded.
The hirer undertakes to pay for lost keys and thus possibly connected costs such as exchange of locks.


The contract may be terminated by the lessor at any time without notice, if the tenant or the traveling person is in a disturbing, disturbing or destructive way in such a way that their remaining in the apartment can not be expected of the other residents of the house. Should this happen, the rental contract is terminated and full sum retained by the lessor. As a result of the termination, the tenants are immediately asked to leave the apartment.

House rule:

Please note the house rules in the apartment, in particular the usual rest times from Monday to Sunday 22:00 to 6:00.
Animals of any kind are not permitted.


The hirer is liable for personal injury and property damage caused by him or his fellow travelers, as well as lost items such as keys. Parents are responsible for their children. The landlord accepts no liability for theft, fire and water damage to the property of the tenant.


The tenant will receive a leaflet for use with the Internet upon arrival. It agrees at the time of booking, not to visit / visit websites with criminally relevant contents, and not to participate in rogue / illegal exchange / file sharing. Should, however, after the departure of the tenant cases are attested by lawyers with warnings, the landlord directs this to 100%. The tenant recognizes all penalties and has to pay the landlord as soon as the booking is made.

Parking places:

Parking spaces are available for a surcharge and availability at some locations. No liability is assumed for damage, burglary or theft of the vehicles.

Court of jurisdiction:

The court is Berlin.