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The lease will be completed after the temporary owner and days with Berlin-Stay GmbH. The contract will be confirmed only by the landlord’s number. When booking a tenant, we accept our conditions as binding.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change this policy at any time or otherwise.



Buchungssauftrag is made by e-mail or by phone. The reservation is legally binding upon receipt of confirmation from the owner. The tenant is responsible for all people supervising. The owner reserves the right to refuse the request without giving reasons.

Please note that there are original photos on the web page. The furniture may change slightly as the furniture needs to be replaced for a while, but subject to the same functions and location.

The landlord reserves the right to offer the apartment independently, depending on the possibility of use.



Upon confirmation of the tenant level, it receives information about the payment of rent. Full payment has been made prior to your arrival.


For short-term or long-term orders, payment is possible by individual agreement. This must in any case be in writing. There must be no agreement to be assumed that full payment of the full level of cost in any case. For bookings more than 60 days before departure, a 30% deposit may be required. The balance fällig.Sollte later than 30 days before the trip after this period there was no entry of money will not be registered, the renter himself after the money has run out already in accordance with the agreed deadlines.

General rent must always be paid in advance. Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. The tenant receives a payment, receipt or invoice.



Applicability principle: all orders are fulfilled. Payments cannot be refunded for one reason or another or if they are canceled or not displayed.



Non-purpose premises of any kind (holidays, parties, loud lighting, press conferences, etc.) must have the agreement of the landlord and be punished by a fine in society, at least 5,000.00 euros, and correspond to the tenant. As a result of the violation, the tenant immediately terminates his stay and must observe immediately after the otherwise occupancy. was, even if it is not true, at night or any other day or night, distorted and perfect.



Changes are possible, where possible, only by making changes to the lease. Changes must be made carefully and in writing, in any case.


Everything is kept charged 100% of the agreed rent.

100% of the agreed rent will be charged.


The tenant has the right to make a tenant who assumes contractual obligations on his land. However, the owner limits his right to do so without giving reasons. If the tenant leaves before the agreed lease term for reasons that are not related to economic growth, the landlord is entitled to a full lease.



The lease term is specified in the lease agreement. Arrival at the hotel takes place at 15:00. The rental ends at check-out at 11:00. Services and Prices: Scope of contracted services arising from the terms of reference of the contract. Rental properties may only be occupied by persons named on the Level Confirmation. Children are the key people.



The tenant agrees that it is necessary to carefully consider the living conditions in this apartment and ensure the general respect of the territory, together with the equipment and technical means of protection, as well as to comply with the rules of internal regulations and compliance. Any damage caused by the tenant or persons accompanying him must be immediately notified and replaced. Smoking in apartments in the building and in elevators is not allowed. If the apartment has a balcony, smoking is allowed. Pets are allowed only after a request has been received. The landlord reserves the right to reject the request.

If the apartment remains, the tenant must ensure that all windows and doors are tightly closed.

The landlord is not responsible for damage caused by theft or theft of tenants’ property. The apartment was transferred to the owner on the road. The host is not responsible for the loss of luggage that allowed the guest to the apartment.



For the keys to the apartment, pay a deposit of 100.00 euros to the club, which will be returned either upon departure after the handover of the keys or handed over. If one key is lost, the deposit will be kept to make this replacement.



If any defects are found during the stay in the apartment, so this must be reported to the owner. Termination of the rental agreement is possible if the use is significantly more difficult or under the threat of force majeure made such as natural disasters, fires, etc.. The rent for the remaining rental period will be refunded in this case. Further claims are excluded.

The tenant agrees to the lost keys and how to pay Schloss exchange so that any associated costs.



A closed lease may be terminated by the landlord at any time without notice if the tenant or accompanying persons behave in a malicious, disruptive or destructive manner so that their stay in the apartment other residents of the house cannot be expected. In such a case, the lease is terminated and the landlord pays the full amount of the penalty. As a result of the termination, the tenant will be asked to leave the apartment immediately.



Please note that in the apartment in the house on the rules, in particular, the usual periods of rest from Monday — Sunday from 22:00 to 6:00.

Animals of any kind are not allowed.



The renter is liable for damage caused to them or to travelers to persons and property, as well as lost items such as keys. Parents are responsible for their children. The owner is not responsible for theft, fire and water damage to the tenant’s property.



The tenant receives a flyer to use online upon arrival. He agreed at the time of booking to access any web pages with criminal content / visits, and not engage in questionable / sharing illegal file sharing / files. However, the tenant’s lawyers must be busy handling cases with warnings, so conveys this to the owner 100%. The tenant acknowledges at the time of booking in these cases, all penalties and is at the expense of the owner.



She offered parking for an additional fee and availability in some places. We accept no liability for any damage, theft or theft of vehicles.



Jurisdiction Berlin.